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  • GlobalFix™ V4 Category II with LowPro V4 Bracket
  • GlobalFix™ V4 Category I with SeaShelter V4 Bracket, Opened
  • GlobalFix™ V4, Wrist Lanyard Detail
  • GlobalFix™ V4, Beacon Only
  • Category II LowPro V4 Bracket Detail
  • Category I SeaShelter V4 Bracket Detail

GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB w/GPS

Typically in stock (CAT I), shipment within 1 business day.

Product Description

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The GlobalFix™ V4 is a full-featured EPIRB loaded with high-efficiency electronics for performance you can count on, including an internal 66 channel GPS for faster acquisition from a cold start. A protective keypad cover helps prevent false activation, and the all-new, user-replaceable battery pack has a 10-year replacement interval — reducing the overall cost of ownership and making the GlobalFix™ V4 one of the most economical full feature EPIRBs to date.

Available with Category I or Category II brackets. Upon activation, the GlobalFix™ V4’s robust internal GPS accurately fixes your exact location. Your coordinates are then broadcast via a powerful 406 MHz distress signal to Search and Rescue forces worldwide. In the absence of GPS data, orbiting COSPAS-SARSAT satellites can accurately triangulate your position using the 406 MHz signal alone. A 121.5 MHz homing signal further guides searchers to your exact position. Includes integrated wrist lanyard to keep beacon close by after activation.

The GlobalFix™ V4 has two functional self-tests to monitor the beacon’s transmission, power/battery performance, and GPS acquisition. Pair these tests with ACR’s optional testing portal (available for the Americas only) and receive satellite confirmation messages directly to your cell phone or email.

  • COSPAS-SARSAT Approved.
  • Highly visible LED strobe - Energy efficient.
  • Internal 66 channel GPS Receiver - Faster acquisition from cold start.
  • High efficiency electronics - Performance you can count on.
  • User replaceable battery with 10 year service life - Convenience and reduced cost of ownership.
  • Professional grade design - Engineered, tested and built for years of abusive marine use.
  • Simple manual activation - Keypad with protective cover to prevent false alarms.
  • Size (without bracket or antenna):  8.1" (Height) x 4.3" (Diameter) & 27.0 oz.
  • Specify Category/Bracket when ordering:
    ○ Category I, Class 2 EPIRB with Sea Shelter™ V4 Bracket (Automatic Deployment).
    ○ Category II, Class 2 EPIRB with LowPro V4 Bracket (Manual Deployment).

 See "Other Details" below for additional product information and PDF specification sheet.

Other Details

Mnfr. P/N:
2830 (Cat. I) or 2831 (Cat. II)
Boxed, Retail
Unit of Measure:
Product Specification Sheet:
ACR Boater's Guide to EPIRBs:

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