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These easy to read icons help you to quickly identify the product approvals, key features and product origin for the life-safety gear you need. Applicable icons are posted at the top of each product description. Simply hover your cursor over the icon for a brief description. 

navicon-usa-made-50.jpg  Made in the USA
We are proud to manufacture many of our United SAR and SAR Life products at our facility in Tampa, Florida. Many of our distributed products are also made in the USA by top tier manufacturers. All significant parts and processing that go into the product are of U.S. origin. Foreign content is none or negligible.

navicon-usa-assembled-50.jpg  Assembled in the USA
The principal assembly of the item is within the USA and is of substantial nature.  Content may be of both domestic and foreign components. Leveraging the global market for components or sub-assemblies enables manufacturers to provide economical solutions while maintaining quality control. Foreign content varies by product. Contact United SAR should you require additional content information.

navicon-ba-compliant-50.jpg  Berry Amendment Compliant
The Berry Amendment requires Department of Defense (DOD) to give preference in procurement to domestically produced, manufactured, or home-grown products within certain categories. Items displaying this icon are in full compliance with the Berry Amendment and are domestic end products.

navicon-taa-compliant-50.jpg  Trade Agreements Act Compliant
The Trade Agreements Act was passed by the US Government to promote global trade with countries that have free trade agreements with the USA. For certain government purchases, items originating in TAA compliant countries are considered equal to USA manufactured items and no preference is given to domestic origin. Those TAA countries have a reciprocal agreement allowing USA manufactured goods the same procurement preferences as their own domestic goods. Items displaying this icon are produced outside the USA, but originate in a TAA compliant country.

navicon-uscg-type-i-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type I PFD
Designed for all waters, including rough or open waters. Type I PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) are designed to turn unconscious or exhausted swimmers face-up in the water. Typically used in remote regions or where adverse conditions may slow response or rescue recovery.

navicon-uscg-type-ii-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type II PFD
Near shore vests. Type II PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) are designed to turn most unconscious or exhausted swimmers face-up in the water. This design is intended for use in calm, inland waters where quick response or rescue recovery is expected.

navicon-uscg-type-iii-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type III PFD
These PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) are common for professional/commercial daily use, and are typically considered to be the most comfortable style for a range of activities. As they are designed without neck flotation, a Type III will generally not turn an unconscious person face-up. These jackets are suited for calm or inland waters where quick response or rescue recovery is expected.

navicon-uscg-type-v-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type V PFD
Special-use PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) with restrictions on how they are utilized. Includes certain work vests, deck suits, and hybrids.

navicon-uscg-type-v-i-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type V/I PFD
Special-use, Type V performance PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) that meet USCG Type I requirements when worn.

navicon-uscg-type-v-ii-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type V/II PFD
Special-use PFDs, Type V performance PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) that meet USCG Type II requirements when worn.

navicon-uscg-type-v-iii-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Type V/III PFD
Special-use, Type V performance PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) that meet USCG Type III requirement when worn. Common approval type for work suits and inflatable life vests.

navicon-uscg-light-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Light
These lights have been approved in accordance with either 46 CFR sub-part 161.012 (Life Jacket Light), sub-part 161.112 (Life Jacket Light, SOLAS), or sub-part 161.010 (Position Indicating Light, SOLAS). See the product description or detailed product data sheet for specific approval information.

navicon-uscg-approval-50.jpg  US Coast Guard Approved Equipment
This equipment has been approved by the US Coast Guard and is other than a PFD or Light. See the product description for specifics.

navicon-solas-50.jpg  SOLAS Compliant Equipment
Equipment that meets SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations as set by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Crews and operators of commercial vessels are required to comply with these rules when operating in international waters (also applicable for certain domestic use applications).

navicon-cospas-sarsat-50.jpg  COSPAS-SARSAT Compliant Equipment
Beacons (EPIRB. PLB, & ELT) are compliant with the COSPAS-SARSAT requirements. COSPAS-SARSAT is the International Satellite System for Search and Rescue. Participants include 42 countries and organizations providing operation and management of the System to provide accurate, timely, and reliable distress alert and location data to assist authorities in their search and rescue efforts for persons in distress.

 navicon-safety-rated-flashlight-50.jpg  Safety Rated Flashlight for use in Hazardous Locations
Any flashlight that will be used in a hazardous environment (areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist) or confined space should meet or exceed all applicable safety standards for use in those locations. See individual product specifications/instructions for applicable approvals.

navicon-faa-tso-50.jpg  FAA TSO Authorized Equipment
A FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) is a minimum performance standard for specified materials, parts, and appliances used on civil aircraft. TSO authorization is both a design and production approval for the specified manufacturer in accordance with the given TSO and the intended application.

navicon-nsn-50.jpg  National Stock Number (NSN) Item
An item displaying this icon indicates it has been assigned an NSN by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). A National Stock Number is simply the official label/identifier applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system. Contact United SAR for the NSN of the item you are interested in.

navicon-uscg-ae-50.jpg  Equipment is Authorized or meets the Requirements for operational use by Active Duty USCG Personnel
Equipment that has been authorized by US Coast Guard Headquarters for operational use by Active Duty USCG Personnel will display this icon. Additionally, items that are equivalent to authorized commercial items, and where USCG procedures permit the use of equivalent items will also be identified by this icon. See the product description for the specifics on the authorization or compliance reference (Rescue & Survival Systems Manual, Maintenance Procedure Card, etc.). Any item noting such authorization/compliance pertains to active duty US Coast Guard operations and personnel only and is not applicable to the general public.  Should you have any questions on the approval for a specific item contact United SAR.

navicon-apel-50.jpg  Authorized Protective Eyewear List (ARMY PEO Soldier)
The Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) is a Qualified Product List (QPL) of commercially available protective eyewear established by the US Army Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO Soldier). Only eyewear passing the US Army’s stringent ballistic fragmentation requirements are listed as APEL. Protective sunglasses also provide ultraviolet (UV) protection. 

navicon-customize-50.jpg  Customize It
Many items such as flotation coats, jackets, life vests, and ring buoys can be customized with a stencil of your unit or vessel name. In some cases the manufacturer can add patches, custom logos or produce in alternate colors. Contact United SAR if you desire to customize your purchase.